Just Relationships

"I believe humans are designed to be free, and that freedom to externalized yourself in the world is what makes you the distinct human you are. This freedom is not lost in relationships but expanded in the co-determination of the relationship, where each person gets to be a distinct person and treat each other like people. True freedom grows freedom just like real power grows power"

-Andrea Farnham, Founder

What is Just Relationships?

Just Relationships is about teaching you how to be free and how to treat other people like free whole people.

You never stop being a person thus you should never treat or be treated as less than a person. This should be reflected in all your relationships with friends, family, romantic partners, children, colleagues, employers and employees. Let's make a more just society together were we all get to be free people and stronger together.

How Does Just Relationships Work?


Therapy comes in individual and couple weekly sessions, groups, and intensive weekend sessions.


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